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The 2024 Beginners Course to Become
a Growth Hacker

Learn everything you need to know:

The theory behind how
growth really works

Instead of learning some random tricks, you’ll really understand how growth works. So that even in unforeseen situations, you will be able to find opportunities for growth.

The frameworks for
creating reliable growth

I’ll teach you a step-by-step growth hacking process to go from scratch to fantastic results. This way you have a clear & repeatable plan to follow to bring real results. 

The skills you need
to get the job done

We’ll discuss all the growth hacking skills to become a growth hacker, including extra learning resources. This way you get a clear view on your capabilities & what else to learn.

Your instructor Ward van Gasteren

Ward has worked for client-companies like:

Ward van Gasteren is one of the first certified growth hackers in Europe. He has hands-on experience working for 70+ clients, from the fastest growing scale-ups (TikTok, Catawiki & StartupBootcamp) to the biggest Fortune 500 corporates (Cisco, Miele & KPMG).

You might also know him from his blog,, one of the biggest growth hacking blogs with more than 10k readers every month, or from his book for upcoming growth hacking consultants called ‘Growing Happy Clients’.

Since 2016, he is focused on making growth hacking understandable for everybody, has hosted 100+ workshops, and is nowadays focused on coaching growth hackers get better on-the-job, which makes him the perfect instructor to teach this online growth hacking course.

Section #1 - Growth Hacking in General - 11 lessons | 1 hr, 24 min

Learn What growth is really about

This section gives you a clear picture of what the playing field looks like, so that you completely understand the theory behind how growth really works and so that you better understand what you know and don’t know.

Section #2 - Growth Hacking Framework - 6 lessons | 43 min | 3 downloads

A systematic & Repeatable process

Everything you need to know about the daily way-of-working, including all of the important framework, models and templates. This will give you structure and confidence in your work, because you know what you’re doing or have this section to always come back to – That’s the benefit of lifelong access!

Section #3 - Growth Hacker Skills - 16 lessons | 1 hr, 3 min | 8 tools

Become a T-shaped Growth Marketer

Get a great overview of all the skills you need to do your job in 2021 and beyond. In this section I’ll walk you through all the skills a great growth hacker would need and give you quick tips for tools and learning resources to get you up-and-running.

We'll discuss:

Section #4 - Personal Growth - 2 lessons | 21 min | 26 extra resources

Self-study track for growth hackers

[BONUS SECTION] This section will really boost your career, since we’ll discuss best ways to develop yourself after this course; from a starting growth hacker to a growth hacking expert.

Making Growth Hacking Accessible

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